Women in Horror: Recommended Short Stories (Part 3)

I’m feeling generous so today I bring you three horror stories by women, all worth reading.

“Broken” by Mercedes M. Yeardley

This story is not available online, but can be read in Mercedes’ first short story collection, Beautiful Sorrows. It’s only twenty-one words long, but it is everything you need for a horror story. Every time I step on a twig, I shudder and think of it.

“Secretario” by Catherynne M. Valente

Can be read here. This is the story that introduced me to Catherynne’s work. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a horror story, but then again I find that sometimes horror works better as a component of a story rather than a genre since “horror” as a genre carries a lot of baggage. But really, you shouldn’t need an excuse to read a fantastic tale so just go do it.

“Dreaming Like a Ghost” by Kat Howard

Read it here. This story was just published today so I’m still processing it; it’s poetic, haunting, and violent in a way I did not expect.

Go forth and read, my friends.


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