A Look Back at 2013

Well, the year is over. I guess now is as good a time as any to look back at what I have accomplished.

  • I wrote approximately 80,000 words of fiction. That doesn’t even include my non-fiction stuff (blogging here or for Apex). That includes 12 unfinished short stories, 9 completed short stories, 2 unfinished novellas, and the ever-present unfinished novel.
  • I submitted 14 short stories. For my efforts I received 8 form rejections, 3 personal rejections, 3 acceptances, and 1 anthology invite. I had 3 short stories published.
  • I attended 2 cons and 1 writing retreat. I was even on my first panel and had my first interview.

Overall, I’m quite happy. It was a productive year. A lot of people read my work (I’ve even had a few reviews) and I made a lot of great connections and friends this year. I do have way too many unfinished short stories. I need to remedy that and finish the novel. I’ll probably write a blog post to outline some goals for 2014.

I hope everyone’s year was as productive as mine!


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