It Was a Pleasure to Write

I started working on a blog post back in May. It was to be a simple love letter to Ray Bradbury, because he meant and means so much to me as a reader and writer. It was a personal post, for this blog, to be posted on the first anniversary of his death. But I missed the deadline because life got busy.

About a week ago Lesley Conner asked if I could have a post ready for the Apex Publications blog today. I said yes immediately and knew that it was time to finish my tribute to Bradbury.

(Even if I didn’t know what to write about, I still would have said yes. Writers should always say yes when a trusted editor asks a fair and reasonable request of them. That’s a post for another day, though I’ve talked about it before: Work outside your comfort zone. Meet your deadlines. Do good work.)

My words are inadequate, but they come form the heart. If you’re so inclined, go read the post, It Was a Pleasure to Read.


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