See the Beard at LepreCon 39

This weekend I’m a guest at LepreCon 39. This is my first convention as either a fan or guest so it’s sure to be a good time. Feel free to come to my panels and watch as I forget the questions, spill water on myself, and preen my beard. (I’ll even let you take a picture with the beard if you want.)

Here’s what my panel schedule looks like:

There Went the Apocalypse and We Are All Still Here
Friday 7pm – 8pm (@ Ballroom C)
End days theories and the people who keep predicting the Apocalypse. Why do we keep listening to such predictions and why do some feel the need to become “Doomsday Preppers”? (Appearing with Randall Whitlock, Dain Q. Gore, Zachary Jernigan, and Matthew Yenkala.)

Intro to Poetry Slams & Short Flash Fiction
Saturday 12pm – 1pm (@ Cabana)
What are Poetry Slams and Flash Fiction? Why are they popular with the younger generation? An introduction to the poetry slam groups in Arizona. Also a look at the concise world of Flash Fiction. Why short fiction is working now and how authors can make it work for them. (Appearing with Bob Nelson, Sharon Skinner, T.L. Smith, and David Lee Summers.)

Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Saturday 9pm – 10pm (@ Ballroom A)
We’ve had cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, clockpunk, and atomic punk. What’s the next thing to be punked? Has the whole punk thing run its course or will this be a trend that keeps going and if so, how? (Appearing with Ernest Hogan and JoAnn Senger.)

Dressing Your Vampire for His First Kill
Saturday 10pm – 11pm (@ Ballroom B)
Would you dress him/her in a cape or a bib? If a bib, then full length or lobster-style? And should you supply the toothbrush or put one in his/her pocket for afterwards? (Appearing with David Lee Summers, Zachary Jernigan, and JoAnn Senger.)

Impromptu Readings
Saturday, 11-12 Ballroom B
Depending on time allotted, I’ll be reading a flash fiction piece or two: “Love in the Time of Cthulhu” and “Li’l Pumpkin”. (Appearing with David B. Riley, JoAnn Senger, T.L. Smith, and Xachary Jernigan.)

I’ll be there tonight for the film festival and will be staying at the hotel Friday and Saturday night so I should be around for the whole weekend. If you want to chat, just come say hello. I’m happy to talk about writing or anything nerdy.


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